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Our New Charitable Partners

11 Jul 2021 | 0 Comments

We’re excited to announce that as of July this year, we’ll be partnering with an incredible charity to support young artists, and others wishing to pursue a career in the creative industries.


Arts Emergency helps young people flourish in higher education and the cultural industries. They run mentoring projects across the UK and their network members offer crucial gateways into hard to crack industries like TV, publishing, and architecture.


What Do Arts Emergency Do?


Despite the pandemic in 2020/21, Arts Emergency are continuing to provide support on an even bigger scale than before. 87% of the young people they have supported feel more prepared for the future since joining Arts Emergency.


Arts Emergency offer 16–25-year-olds who are passionate about the arts and humanities a year of free mentoring. Mentors help Young Talent set goals, explore their interests, and make decisions about higher education, training, and careers.


Their volunteers sign up to help the next generation of activists, artists, and thinkers. They do this by sharing advice, opportunities, and contacts. Because of these volunteers, our young people can choose from a wide range of enriching activities to take part in, like set or studio visits, theatre trips and work experience.


After a young person completes their year of mentoring, Arts Emergency keeps offering them support until the mentee’s 26th birthday.


Whether it's a paid internship, CV advice, or audition coaching, our volunteers will step up to help.


How We’ll Be Helping...


We’re going to be launching a new product in the next few months, which we’ll be offering to our buyers when they purchase a work of art through our platform.


10% of the profits from this (soon-to-be-announced product... watch this space!) will be donated to Arts Emergency.


We figured that this would be a great way to help turn the successes of artists today, into a powerful force to help bring up the next generation of emerging and talented artists.


Why We Believe This Is Important


The past year has been hugely challenging for everyone, and young people have been particularly affected, with lower job prospects, increased inequality, and uncertainty around their future.


What’s more, it’s still a harsh reality that breaking into the creative industries is an incredibly competitive challenge.


If you come from a background where you don’t already have even just a couple of connections who can help guide you in the early stages of your career, then you face an even steeper hill to climb.


John, our founder, said:


“Even as someone who probably had no shortage of connections growing up, I have really learnt - since going to University and then launching my own business - the value in networks and mentoring. Especially when it comes to people wanting to be an artist, it can be a lonely road at times – so I love what Arts Emergency are providing to young people, both in terms of support and creating opportunities.”


How Else Can I Help?

Neil, Arts Emergency’s CEO & co-founder, wrote about their 2020 Impact Report.


“We are uniquely reliant on monthly donations. Just £5 a month goes a long way to funding mentors, cultural and professional opportunities and ongoing personalised support at a time when passing it on has never mattered more.”


You can also help by becoming a mentor yourself.


Arts Emergency’s network comprises thousands of volunteers from the creative and cultural sectors. The only criteria for joining are that you love the arts and humanities and are willing to do what you can to break down the barriers to entry.

 If you’d like to become a mentor, you’ll need to sign up to the Arts Emergency network first. They’ll send you a regular newsletter with a wish list of requests from our Young Talent and ways you can support them to take their next steps.


You’ll then be invited to share opportunities, advice, tickets, and entry-level jobs. As part of our network, you’ll also be notified when young people are looking for new mentors.

You can donate or learn more about Arts Emergency here.